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VOYAGER II marine mini-computer with a core i7 processor

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VOYAGER II marine premium mini-PC, built to work and last at sea! Fitted with a powerful Intel core i7 processor with 4GB RAM & 320GB DISC DRIVE. All aluminium enclosed chassis fanless design with no vent holes, no ambient air is used for internal cooling which protects internal electronics from sea air and provides silent operation. VOYAGER II has four USB 2.0 serial ports for GPS & Sensors, two RS232/422/485 & one RS422/485 ports for NMEA and general serial connections, one VGA Monitor Port, one HDMI Monitor Port, two RJ45 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet LAN ports for RADAR & Networks and an Audio and MIC port. The two monitor ports are driven by independent graphics channels allowing display of different images on two connected monitors. The VOYAGER II marine mini-computer easily handles powerful navigation software applications such as MAXSEA & Nobeltec Trident handling charting, RADAR, RADAR overlay, sounder and other resource intensive applications with ease. VOYAGER II can also run onboard entertainment & general applications including Wi-Fi, radio/telephone and satellite communications. GPS, AIS and PC RADAR scanner systems are also available from us. Dimensions only 287mm(W) x 188mm(D) x 75mm(H) including iso/shock mount, VOYAGER II can be conveniently installed in most places! Rugged features include marinised electronics, an all aluminium design with no vent holes, fanless sealed case and when fitted with an optional solid state disc (SSD), VOYAGER II has NO INTERNAL MOVING PARTS! Ultra-low energy use and high performance, 8.0v to 28.0v DC wide voltage range direct supply with internal voltage regulation for stable, smooth operation. Support for Windows XP and Windows 7. Windows XP/7 driver CD included. A rugged, reliable marine mini-PC for years of service at sea. Ref:VOY2
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